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8:18pm EDT June 30, 2011
Moving forward

Jeffrey Kendall wants to grow his business his way. He realized that as Liberty Tire Recycling expanded through acquisition, the potential existed that the company would take on new parts that didn’t see things the same way that he did.

So it was with that thought in mind that he launched One Liberty. It would be a companywide initiative designed to ensure that Liberty Tire Recycling maintains the highest standards and best practices across all of its operations.

Company leadership and key consultants meet with new acquisitions to help them understand the standards and practices that Liberty looks for them to adopt and why these are critical to the ongoing success of the company.

It covers everything from manufacturing and safety to transportation, logistics, accounting and human resources.

But you shouldn’t get the idea that Kendall wants to dictate everything that happens in his business. He and his executive team make a concerted effort to work with employees to take ownership and pride in what they do. He openly solicits input and suggestions from employees at all levels to improve and adopt the very best standards for the business.

The CEO stresses to his team that no one will ever be criticized for coming forward with a suggestion or an idea. This leads to high employee morale as everyone understands that they have a stake in the game and a voice in how the business moves forward.

It was through innovation that Liberty launched LTR Products, a subsidiary that produces a rubber mulch as an alternative to traditional wood mulch for use in landscape and playground surfacing.

The company has also built new headquarters, which will include a showcase area for Liberty’s products. Kendall believes this will be a powerful business development tool for the company’s efforts to be environmentally conscious.

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