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8:30pm EDT June 30, 2011
Outsource provider

Once John Tomayko earned his doctorate in health and physical education management at the University of Pittsburgh, it was a natural progression for the humble and charismatic entrepreneur to land in the health care services field.

His first business venture was at a cardiac fitness company. Embracing the wisdom of role model Peter Drucker, Tomayko applied the principle that effective leadership is thinking through the organization’s mission and defining it, and then clearly and visibly establishing it. Remaining true to his commitment to client responsiveness, teamwork and quality, he took the risk of founding The Tomayko Group through the acquisition of Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Medicine with a personally guaranteed loan from Laurel Capital.

Through a progression of acquisitions and new company development, as well as other strategic financial moves, Tomayko was able to execute his plan to create an integrated health care delivery system that would provide cost-effective services such as diagnostic imaging to hospitals, cardiology practices and multispecialty groups. He has continued to identify and invest in other health care opportunities that can be assimilated easily into the business.

Following his vision, Tomayko, who serves as company president, has been building TTG with diligence and patience, with a focus on profitability and cash flow while resources are carefully managed and a competitive edge is maintained.

The employees at TTG are motivated through several initiatives such as profit-sharing arrangements and bonuses, attractive health plans and maintaining a culture of empowerment and trust, stimulating personal growth, healthy lifestyles and team spirit. Tomayko also offers to cover insurance co-pay amounts if employees meet criteria that they are working toward and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

He is also involved in the community, raising funds for the Special Olympics and other Pittsburgh charities and is a sponsor of an annual scholarship for the masters program in software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in memory of his brother James Tomayko.

How to reach: The Tomayko Group LLC, (412) 481-0600 or www.tomaykogroup.com