Groundbreaker Featured

8:07pm EDT June 30, 2011

While some might withdraw into their pain and suffering following an accident that left them seriously injured with years of recuperation ahead, Jason Wolfe used the time to teach himself about the Internet and to learn software programming.

He had learned how to overcome obstacles in life before ? he attended the Milton Hershey School for the poor and economically disadvantaged. Upon graduation, he started his adult life with the suitcase of clothes and $100 that the school gave him.

After working his way through college, he was injured while working as a whitewater rafting tour guide. During his recovery, he launched the Internet’s first coupon website, which was later called, capitalizing on the spirit of perseverance he developed over the years.

Despite some lean times, which once included having to live out of his 1984 Jeep Cherokee, he was able to raise venture capital funds and generate significant sales. The company grew to five divisions with 65 employees.

Wolfe then formed Wolfe LLC to consolidate reward, loyalty, coupon and incentive companies under one roof to serve major corporations as well as regular customers. He bought and built out a secure Visa and MasterCard certified fulfillment center and purchased on-demand printing equipment to print gift cards, reward cards and coupons.

Still remembering his humble origins, Wolfe has been to Haiti twice on mission trips to assist victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The company grants $500 per employee to give to the charity of his or her choice ? in his or her name. The employees can then utilize Wolfe’s GroupGifting technology and social media reach to promote their selected charity.

Employees also benefit from a profit-sharing program. The company turns over 10 to 15 percent of its profits directly to employees, further reinforcing the company culture of teamwork, giving, and setting and achieving big goals.

How to reach: Wolfe LLC, (877) 746-6664 or