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8:08pm EDT June 30, 2011
Fluid situation

In an industry that has been overrun by the consolidation of big companies, Venkee Sharma, the president and CEO of Aquatech International Corp., has bucked the trend and fully intends on Aquatech emerging as one of the key businesses in the industry.

Rather than taking the easy way out and selling the business to a major industry player, Sharma has carefully built the capabilities of the company so that it mimics — through its delivery capabilities, geographic footprint and technology depth — any one of the big players. Today, Aquatech is the largest — and, in many ways, the last — privately held major player in the global water treatment market.

Aquatech has developed a breakthrough business model for the industry by taking established company technologies and putting them into mobile and modular units that can be moved from site to site. The core units have been branded as “MoTreat” and “MoVap,” which stands for mobile treatment and mobile evaporation. This has solved a serious problem in that the market requires reliable solutions but only temporarily as the target keeps moving from well to well and the water issues come in spurts.

Furthermore, rather than selling the equipment solutions that it has developed, Aquatech is building a service infrastructure to offer services to gas drilling clients on a treatment-cost-per-barrel basis. Most gas drillers are lean organizations and don’t have the staff to operate this type of equipment, meaning that a company such as Aquatech can give customers in the gas drilling field a significant value proposition.

This is a breakthrough approach to the industry that not only creates the first mobile evaporator and full treatment fleet for water conditioning at a well pad, it also provides it to the gas producers on a per-barrel basis. The approach is reliable, sustainable and adaptable, delivering an environmental and economic win-win proposition.

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