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9:28am EDT July 1, 2011
Cardinal rule

Kevin Jones has a passion for his clients, his employees and his business. That passion led him to form Cardinal Resources LLC in 2004. At the time, Jones — who now holds the title of president — could see that his clients needed assistance in developing sustainable solutions to their environmental problems.  He also saw that many communities did not have the resources to develop large water treatment systems but needed community-based treatment systems that are economical and relatively easy to maintain and operate. Jones was ahead of the market in 2004 but was willing to take the risk to focus his resources on solving these problems.

Jones formed Cardinal Resources with a very flat corporate structure that allows active participation by all employees. It has led to outside-the-box thinking and resulted in innovative solutions to technical problems. Jones’ vision for Cardinal Resources includes continuing to develop solutions to potable water and wastewater problems, as well as expanding the customer base for the Red Bird System. The RBS is a mobile, solar-powered water treatment system using natural media in patented filters and chlorine disinfection to produce high-quality drinking water from any freshwater source.

The RBS is the only fully integrated, completely portable water treatment system on the market that incorporates raw water filtration, does not require filtration chemicals and also provides residual disinfection.

Jones says that all of his company’s employees should be free to develop their talents and use their skills to develop products such as the Red Bird System. While developing the system, Jones solicited opinions from the staff at all levels of the company. This has led to a very open dialogue with all levels of the company, allowing fresh ideas to be welcomed and executed. The company structure has remained very flat to allow for easy communication.

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