Ronald M. Petnuch Featured

8:01pm EDT September 30, 2011
Ronald M. Petnuch

InterTECH Security LLC’s multimillion-dollar growth came to an abrupt halt after floods caused by Hurricane Ivan destroyed the company office in 2004. The stress of the loss, compounding the demands of its increasing growth, brought the company to a precarious crossroads. But Ronald M. Petnuch stepped in to lead a recapitalization of the company, seeing opportunity in the security integration and building automation marketplaces.

Petnuch has since successfully developed InterTECH as a market leader that helps safeguard people, property and assets through customized security solutions. This success can be seen in the company’s rapid growth during Petnuch’s first three years as president and CEO, when InterTECH’s annual revenue increased by 123 percent through the end of 2008. The company has continued to grow in size, in addition to revenue, with the number of employees jumping from 34 at the time of the recapitalization to 138 employees in June 2009.

Intertech has opened divisions in Houston and San Antonio to serve its current customer base and penetrate its vertical markets. SDM magazine named it one of the “Top 45 Integration Companies in the United States.”

These results speak to Petnuch’s dedication and work ethic. Petnuch lives by three concepts that he feels are key to his day-to-day work: Keep integrity in place at all times. Be committed to what you are doing — study it, work at it and practice it to become the very best. And lastly, add value to the people and organizations you live and work with.

The Pittsburgh Technology Council recognized InterTECH as one of the “Top 50 Technology Companies” in 2008, and the company is recognized as one of the Pittsburgh’s fastest-growing companies. Petnuch serves on several boards including the Holy Family Institute and the Central Catholic High School boards.

How to reach: InterTECH Security LLC, (724) 742-4900 or