The Wolfe file Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2008

Born: Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

Education: Bachelor of science degree, pharmacy, Temple University; master’s, public administration, Penn State University

What was your first job?

Detasseling corn at Doebler’s Hybrids at age 13

Wolfe on choosing appropriate benchmarks: It depends on the circumstances — what your weaknesses are and what luxuries you have. Because our culture was kind of beat down here, it really was coming across to our patients, and satisfaction levels were not that good. For us, that was the clear issue. We were in a stronger financial position here, speaking in terms of day’s cash on hand, low-debt-to-capitalization ratio. When I was at (another hospital,) we didn’t have those financial luxuries. While patient satisfaction was a focus there, our benchmarks became more fiscal in terms of monitors because we really were struggling. If you don’t have much leeway financially, then you’re going to have to focus there first to live and fight another day.

Wolfe on communicating to employees via paychecks:

We’re just now doing a new paycheck message, which is every other week, written from me to the employees. We just put what the (companywide) pay is for the two weeks, which is usually a little over $2 million. It reminds people that we do invest heavily in our employees. Then, we’ll (include a written message) about something. The last one we just did was on social responsibility, which happens to be one of the Baldrige core values.