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Telework facts Featured

9:33am EDT July 22, 2002

The International Telework Association & Council completed a study this year that covers the growth and characteristics of telework in the United States. Here are some of its key findings:

  • There are 16.6 million regularly employed teleworkers in the United States who work at least one day a month and are at least 18 years old.

  • About 9 million U.S. workers telework at least one day a week. In 1995, according to FIND/SVP, there were 8.5 million teleworkers. While 9 percent of U.S. workers telework, 41 percent believe their jobs could be performed in their homes.

  • While a few years ago most teleworkers worked for small- to medium-sized organizations, half now work for organizations with at least 1,500 employees.

  • Of all teleworkers, 54 percent are employees, 13 percent are contract workers, 9 percent are operators of home-based businesses and 27 percent are self-employed teleworkers.

  • The highest proportions of teleworkers are in the New England, Mountain and Pacific states.

  • Males make up 65 percent of the home-based work force. The average teleworker is in his or her early 40s, slightly older than the average nonteleworker surveyed.

  • Four out of five teleworkers commute to work on days they are not telecommuting. Their average commute distance is 19.7 miles, vs. 13.3 miles for nonteleworkers.

  • One out of every five telecommuters reports that his or her direct supervisor is in the same state.

How to reach: International Telework Association & Council, www.telecommute.com

Ray Marano