Ken DeFurio Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2009
2009 Pacesetters: Large Organization

Butler Health System made a commitment several years ago to become a destination hospital for cardiovascular care. Under the leadership of President and CEO Ken DeFurio, that commitment became a reality.

The organization’s Heart Center has since become the heart program in western Pennsylvania with the best outcomes and the lowest costs.

The hospital has been recognized time and again over the last half decade as a top heart hospital in the region both locally and by national rating agencies such as HealthGrades.

And that’s just one example of DeFurio’s pacesetting ways.

He led the strategy to decentralize health care services and put them at the fingertips of the customers through the development of 17 outpatient service locations throughout the service area. Patients with any prescription can walk in for lab and X-ray testing and easily schedule a mammography, ultrasound, MRI or CT. In some of these locations, up to 85 percent of patients do not come from physicians on the medical staff at BHS. These services are so customer-focused that patients self-select the services.

In addition, DeFurio led a team that has developed a customer-focused approach to lab services. Those physician practices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and others who have their lab tests for their patients/residents done by BHS find that the tests are done quickly. Many times, they are drawn in their locations, taken to the hospital for processing and then the results are provided to the doctor or nursing home exactly how the doctor or nursing home requested — be it electronic, fax or mailed. The strong service orientation of the BHS lab has secured its clients from Erie to Meadville to Titusville to even southern Allegheny County.

Overall, under DeFurio’s leadership, BHS has created an independent health care system that is far-reaching, meeting the needs of its community, growing the regional economy and continually focusing on innovation.

These innovations have generated more revenue, which has led to the creation of a first of its kind care and wellness center in partnership with the YMCA, which has been a great asset to the community.

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