John Sphon Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2010
Pittsburgh Pacesetters 2010

Despite the recession and despite an industry plagued with challenges, MedCare Equipment Co. LLC is exceeding revenue expectations.

With MedCare’s history, the growth isn’t all that surprising. Over the years, John Sphon, CEO, has led the home medical equipment company, originally a distribution service of Excela Westmoreland Hospital, into a successful multistate business.

In the two years since MedCare became a limited liability corporation, Sphon has increased its service area to 14 counties in southwestern Pennsylvania, along with areas of eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. The company also expanded its partnerships to include hospitals in the Butler, Heritage Valley and Conemaugh health systems.

Growth has come with MedCare’s approach to partner with health care organizations of similar size and mission but different geographic regions. MedCare is locally owned and operated by the health care partners, allowing the company to broaden its service area. The concept negates the “big box” feel and allows customers to feel as if they have a local health care partner.

Sphon, also the vice president of diversified services at Excela Health, is leading the company through one of its most successful periods in its two decades. That success correlated with his wise leadership choices.

Not a physician himself, Sphon consults medical care professionals regarding the products that the company should offer. Recognizing the value of expert advice, he does not let ego get in the way of innovation.

At the same time, his background in managing physician practices gave him a unique outlook on what role the company should play in the health care industry. Sphon views the company as a continuum of care rather than a retail sales organization. He consults physicians to find out how to best serve patients and health care providers. For example, the inclusion of professionals’ ideas led the company to expand its capabilities into the disease management sector.

Sphon also encourages employees to play an active role in the company’s progress. Fresh ideas are a valued part of MedCare. Sphon often takes employees’ suggestions, explores the possibilities and reports back to the staff on his findings. The concept keeps them engaged in the overall betterment and success of the company.

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