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A mini MBA? Featured

9:36am EDT July 22, 2002

Looking for a way to give yourself or your employees MBA power without investing an inordinate amount of time in graduate education? The University of Pittsburgh might have an answer.

The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business is offering two versions of a course of study it calls MBA Essentials -- one an 11-week course, the second packed into a one-week concentrated format -- that offers participants a "mini MBA."

The goals, the school says, are "to make basic business concepts and skills readily understandable and immediately useful." The program promises to expose students to management basics as well as cutting-edge theories and tactics in each functional area.

Much of the class work involves dialogue among participants about their workplace experiences and how the content can be applied on the job. Ten Katz faculty members who also teach in the school's Executive MBA program serve as instructors.

The cost for the program is $3,500, with a 10 percent discount for two or more employees from the same company. The next session begins Feb. 26. How to reach: www.ExecEd.pitt.edu, (877) 528-9622, (412) 648-1632 or ExecutiveEd@katz.pitt.edu

Ray Marano