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9:47am EDT July 22, 2002

If you’re a woman business owner in the Pittsburgh region and need entrepreneurial assistance, all you need is a computer, Internet access — and

That’s the Web address to a new assistance program created by Seton Hill College’s National Education Center for Women in Business, with a $250,000 grant from the PNC Bank Foundation.

“This is a true partnership,” says Thomas O’Brien, chairman and CEO of PNC Bank Corp. “We’re not just coming in and offering a check.”

O’Brien says the bank is getting involved largely because, to date, an estimated 40 percent of PNC’s small business clients are controlled by women.

“Obviously, we’re trying to create PNC as a bank of choice for women,” he says.

The new Web site, which will officially be launched in March for women business owners in the Tri-state area, will include:

  • Resource center — Users can tap the site for legal, accounting, technical assistance providers and research resources designed to help women launch and grow their businesses. It also will provide links to other resource partners.

  • Finance — PNC will provide a number of financial services, including financial calculators to help business owners determine proper cash flow ratios and financing parameters, among other calculations.

  • How-to information — The site will continually add content about a variety of growth issues.

  • Online mentoring — Business owners will be able to tap into the Web site with questions and quickly receive answers from mentors, including Nancy Evans, founder of, a national Web site for women. The new program is led by an advisory team of 16 women from the region.

    JoAnne Woodyard Boyle, president of Seton Hill College, says she was excited to accept the PNC grant because e-magnify “is a natural fit,” thanks largely to the National Education Center for Women in Business, which has operated from the college for 10 years.

Boyle expects the Web site to be fully operational in next month. How to reach: The National Education Center for Women in Business, (724) 830-4625

Daniel Bates