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e-insurance Featured

9:42am EDT July 22, 2002
Enterpreneurs are no strangers to risk, and doing business electronically, they are finding, can have its hazards.

Marsh, a leading insurance broker and risk advisory service, has developed Net Secure, a program of insurance and consulting for those involved in e-business. Marsh advises companies in e-business to take the following steps to identify and address potential risks:

  • Know all of your e-business applications and examine the risks.

  • Focus first on the risks that pose the greatest threat to profits or reputation.

  • Gauge your vulnerability.

  • Examine the financial impact and valuation issues associated with your e-business activities.

  • Review your insurance to determine if it addresses your e-business risk.

  • Examine contracts with vendors who provide critical functions for your Web business.

  • Establish a team within you company to evaluate risks and develop strategies to deal with them.

  • Establish e-business security measures. How to reach: Marsh, (412) 552-5077 or www.marshweb.com/e-business

    Ray Marano