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8:38am EDT November 26, 2002
It's a nice touch when your car dealer offers you the use of a free loaner car when your wheels are in the shop for repair. Now, a local jeweler has taken a page out of the car dealer's customer service book.

Henne Jewelers has come up with a way to promote its products to an unexpected customer -- expectant mothers. Pregnant women, who often experience swelling in their fingers that prevents them from wearing rings, have an option at Henne's.

The Shadyside jeweler is offering them, well, a loaner to get them through those days.

"A lot of our clients say they are unable to wear their wedding bands during their pregnancies," says Anne Henne, vice president of the jewelry store. "Their rings simply won't fit because their fingers get bigger."

Henne's will loan a wedding band to an expectant mom during the last few months of her pregnancy at no charge. A security deposit of $100 to $200 is required, depending on the style of the ring, but customers get a full refund when they return the band after their baby is delivered.

The "maternity program" is part of Henne's Jewelers for Life campaign, an effort to tie key life events to jewelry purchases.

When mom returns her loaner, she'll have an opportunity to review a luxurious assortment of jewelry, flatware, keepsake boxes and other items to fit her new lifestyle.

Now, if they can just come up with something for the expectant dad. A set of silver plated screwdrivers, perhaps? How to reach: Henne Jewelers, www.hennejewelers.com