Pacesetters 2003 Featured

9:39am EDT December 20, 2002
Again, you've surprised and enlightened us.

When we put out the call for nominations for Pacesetters for 2002, we were exceptionally pleased with the quality of people whose names were submitted for consideration.

And again in 2003, our readers have shown the depth of talent and achievement that resides in the Pittsburgh region's business community. For 2003, we received the nominations of a group of outstanding individuals, people who have made substantial achievements in their careers and have the potential to offer much more to the success and growth of the region's business community.

As we described in our invitation to nominate Pacesetters, we considered a number of factors in our evaluations. Although we offered a form this year to allow those who nominated candidates to flesh out the rationale for their selections, we didn't make it a requirement.

Nonetheless, we found that virtually everyone who submitted a nomination chose to use the form. And we believe, based on the quantity and quality of supportive information we received, that using the form helped nominating parties focus more effectively on the factors we deem most important in a Pacesetter nominee.

This was something of a revelation, although not completely unexpected. Because of the depth and breadth of information we received about the nominees, we are considering making the form a requirement next year.

While there were fewer inquiries this year about what qualifications we look for in Pacesetter candidates, it is worth reviewing our specifications. Achievement in business and in one's profession weighs heavily. And we place a high value on potential Pacesetters' service to their industry or profession, as well as their contributions to community service.

In some cases, we were reminded of the achievements and qualifications of people who are relatively well-known in the business community. In others, we were introduced to individuals who have made substantial contributions to their professions, their companies and their communities, yet had not previously come to our attention.

We thank all of those who nominated candidates for the 2003 Pacesetters, and extend congratulations to those who achieved Pacesetter status this time around. For those who have yet to be named or nominated, we look forward to hearing the case for the Pacesetters' class of 2004.