SCORE Volunteer Featured

6:50am EDT April 29, 2004
Walter Becker has been a member of the Pittsburgh SCORE Chapter for nearly eight years, and over that time, has proven himself to be one of the most effective SCORE counselors and leaders in Western Pennsylvania.

Becker carries a load of between 25 and 30 cases a year, and many of his clients seek his continuing counseling. He currently has ongoing counseling relationships with 12 clients whom he has counseled for three or more years and has numerous success stories to his credit.

Over the past five years, Becker has also been active in the SCORE Business Basics Workshops as a presenter of both its marketing and business plan sessions. He hosts the program a couple of times each year, and has been the principal driving force behind obtaining workshop sponsorships from area banks.

Becker has also held leadership positions within the Pittsburgh SCORE Chapter, serving as vice chairman in 1998 and 1999, and chapter chair in 2000 and 2001.