Journalist Advocate (tie) Featured

6:53am EDT April 29, 2004
Ron Morris' entrepreneurial advocacy spans the gamut of media, including radio, television, print and the Internet.

Not only does he instruct his broadcast audience, he also imparts his wisdom by teaching at Duquesne University and lecturing to various groups on the importance of entrepreneurship in America. His knowledge of entrepreneurship doesn't come from books -- it comes from personal experience.

For more than 30 years, Morris has been an entrepreneur and a pioneer in Pittsburgh's high-tech community. He founded and later sold eight technology companies between 1973 and 1999. Two of them, Mastech Systems Inc., and Rapidigm Inc., are among the brightest lights in the Pittsburgh advanced technology community.

Morris shares his experience and wisdom in a column for TEQ magazine, the monthly publication of the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

"I am told ... that this column I do is the second most-read section of TEQ each month," says Morris.

He also writes for Techy/Vent, a weekly online magazine.

Perhaps his best-known small business advocacy activity is as host of "The American Entrepreneur" radio program, heard Saturday mornings on WPTT 1360-AM. He publishes a monthly newsletter for listeners of his radio program.

In addition, he provides feature commentary on two local television programs, "Focus On the Issues," and in a weekly editorial segment on "High-Tech Pittsburgh," broadcast on PCTV.