The Blackwood file Featured

7:00pm EDT February 24, 2008

Born: Anniston, Ala.

Education: Bachelor of arts degree, psychology, Louisiana State University; master’s degree, public health, University of Pittsburgh

What has been your greatest business challenge?

Moving from the hospital sector where I worked for 10 years to the insurance sector where I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career. Within the profession, I’ve been able to switch areas of emphasis and took another line within the profession.

What has been the greatest business lesson you’ve learned?

Have the meeting before the meeting. Never go into a meeting for which you are not prepared. If you want to get something accomplished, you want to have individual meetings with people to make sure you don’t give them big surprises or you don’t harm them with information that they need to function properly within the meeting.

Many people go into a meeting hoping for the best, I believe in going into meetings hoping for better than that. Basically, they will have a good deal of assurance that the final result of the meeting will be positive.