David Colaizzi Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2008

If you’re going to help others create their dream corporate culture, you have to be able to lead by example. That is David Colaizzi’s style at Five Star Development Inc.

Being a consulting firm, Colaizzi consulted with every Five Star employee about refurbishing the company culture. And the strategy paid off — when the CEO surveyed his employees about their sentiments regarding the old working environment vis-à-vis the new one built from that study, the results were overwhelmingly positive, indicating significant improvement in team-building, cross-departmental partnerships and a feeling of employee empowerment. The quantifiable evidence of the staff’s satisfaction existed, as well: Last year, Five Star experienced zero turnover.

Colaizzi’s project of the moment is organizing the firm’s move to a more visible location in the city’s historic North Side. The company’s new home offers plenty of outlets for creativity; the 100-year-old former bedding factory has been renovated to house offices, and the unique structure lends itself well for incorporating more environmentally friendly designs. Now, Five Star not only has a fun new location to boost morale but can boast being a greener company, as well.

When it comes to giving back, Colaizzi takes a twofold approach. At the macro level, he pushed for environmentally conscientious practices through the company’s relocating. At the micro level, he created and implemented Five Star Cares, a volunteer donation program that works to make a positive impact on the Pittsburgh community. This year, the program set a $10,000 fund-raising goal.

Investing in his company and community led to great returns for Colaizzi. Five Star maintains consistent growth every year — averaging about 25 percent. And about 70 percent of business comes from repeat clients or referrals, often from Fortune 500 companies such as American Eagle and Visa. Colaizzi works to make sure his company continues to exceed growth expectations by keeping the Five Star name a buzzword in the industry, whether it’s through recognition in Inc. magazine’s 2008 list of 5,000 fastest-growing companies or through speaking at events around the country or maintaining partnerships with such organizations as Microsoft and Denison. With Colaizzi, it’s all of the above.

HOW TO REACH: Five Star Development Inc., (412) 338-1412 or www.fivestardev.com