The Holder File Featured

8:00pm EDT April 25, 2009

Education: Undergraduate degree, University of Michigan; master’s degree, Columbia University

Holder on making sure your management team is carrying out your vision:

You should commit it to paper. You should know what the vision is. If I say that the vision of my health plan is to expand the ability of high-quality health benefits management to Western Pennsylvania, to improve the financial and clinical outcomes for the purchasers of my programs — if that were my vision, I’d need a formal commitment on that. Then I would need to articulate how would I measure that. What would be the very specific things?

Profitable growth would probably be one measure of that, so I would need to know, ‘Are my programs growing?’ If so, ‘Am I growing membership, am I growing revenue, do the people who have my health plan have better outcomes, health outcomes, than if they don’t have my health plan? Well how would I measure that? How would I document that?’

It’s a formal methodology. Then I would want to know, ‘OK, so in these different domains, who is responsible for driving goal X, Y or Z?’ Or, if they are cross-functional teams, ‘What’s my contribution as a team member to driving that?’

Fast facts:

n Holder is a faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Psychiatry.

n Holder has held a number of leadership positions in health care, including the CEO of UPMC’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and the founding CEO of Community Care Behavioral Health Organization.