3 Questions Featured

7:00pm EDT February 23, 2010

Sheila C. Weiner, a lawyer by education, has been a special events producer since 1987. Weiner has assisted clients locally, nationally and internationally, with many of her events garnering editorial and photographic coverage in national publications, and she has appeared on talk shows and at live engagements to discuss various aspects of event planning. Weiner is currently the founder and president of The Event Group.

Q. Why should a business work with an event management firm?

They may no longer have the staff to dedicate to a meeting or event. Also, they may have cut their budgets across the board. Working with a professional event management firm will ensure that their venue and vendor contracts are as lean as possible. I think companies are starting to realize they need to bring their staffs together, they need to bring their sales staffs together, they need to show the support, the camaraderie. The lavish events are not going to come back anytime soon, but the nuts and bolts can help bring teams together.

Q. Should a business maintain a constant relationship with a firm?

It depends. Sometimes, companies have events on a semiannual basis, and they really don’t work on them every year. Other times, there are quarterly, annual or monthly meetings. Each company has to evaluate their needs, and that evaluation should happen regularly so as to make sure they’re being as financially responsible as possible.

Q. What are some of the newer services and products a firm can provide for a business?

Maybe a company can afford to do a large marketing campaign but can’t afford to bring everyone together. An event management firm can help to create and produce a great snail mail kit or package that can be used during a video chat or conference call. A firm can also assist with podcasting their meetings to a larger audience if a budget doesn’t allow for all participants to be present. Also, if a small or medium business still has a large budget and wants to bring everyone together, a firm can assist in the registration process, both ahead of time and on site, as well as with physically staffing the event.