Louis P. Stanasolovich Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2010
Pittsburgh Pacesetters 2010

While Louis P. Stanasolovich has to follow all of the economic trends as the founder, president and CEO of Legend Financial Advisors Inc., he prefers to set trends rather than follow them.

In an industry that demands a credible reputation, Stanasolovich’s company is steps ahead of the rest. The company operates on a fee-only system, which significantly reduces the conflict of interest that can be involved in commission-based advising.

That unbiased fiduciary relationship Stanasolovich strives for is connected to a greater effort to serve and meet clients’ needs. Part of that dedication means providing both traditional and nontraditional services.

Advisers at the company navigate through various aspects of the client’s financial situation, including meeting with the client’s lawyers, accountants and actuaries and reviewing purchases. Stanasolovich insists that his advisers maintain consistent and clear communication with clients. Extras like chatting online or videoconferencing are used to ease clients’ minds during difficult financial times and allow clients to communicate with their advisers while they are out of town or unable to meet face to face.

Stanasolovich leads by example when it comes to maintaining client relationships. He often accepts invitations to his clients’ weddings and pays his respects at a family member’s funeral. He provides car service for clients who cannot drive. Legend will go as far as purchasing and installing a computer for its clients or finding an appropriate retirement community for elderly clients looking to move.

The attention to detail and integrity has meant a 98 percent annual client-retention rate for the company.

Stanasolovich writes and edits a monthly newsletter called Risk-Controlled Investing, which covers advice on current financial issues. He also regularly contributes to local television news programs and financial journals.

In an effort to contribute to the community, the company offers internships to students from local colleges and universities. At times, interns make up nearly half the staff. Internships typically last between 24 and 36 months and include extensive training in their field of interest. The internships often lead to job opportunities, and Stanasolovich regularly invites other advisory firms to meet interns he is unable to hire. Legend hopes to keep young, educated professionals in the area through the program.

How to reach: Legend Financial Advisors Inc., (412) 635-9210 or www.legend-financial.com