Alan E. Calegari Featured

8:00pm EDT September 25, 2010
Pittsburgh Pacesetters 2010

Alan E. Calegari had a daunting task ahead of him when he arrived at Ansaldo STS USA Inc. As the new president and CEO, he was hired to turn around the company.

And in just two years, he’s seen financial and operational success by staying close to employees and customers.

Calegari knew that in order to turn around Ansaldo STS USA he would have to re-establish client relationships and build a sense of trust in the company’s brand. To restore customer confidence, Calegari began face-to-face meetings with customers immediately after assuming his post at the manufacturer and supplier of signaling and train control systems.

Calegari has worked hard to ensure every decision made by him and his management team has the customer in mind.

Innovation and technology are at the heart of Ansaldo STS USA. Calegari made a commitment to the innovation of new products and technologies to keep the company on the cutting edge of the market. That dedication has created nine U.S. patents for the company since Calegari’s arrival in 2008. And in the wake of new federal mandates, Ansaldo STS USA has designed a family of Positive Train Control products to meet the market’s and customers’ needs. This year alone, four new products have been launched.

Part of the success with innovation and technology has been Calegari’s ability to include employees in the process.

One of the first questions that the president and CEO asked his employees to ponder was: “What can I do better today than I did yesterday?” Posing that question opened the door to employee utilization and a return to the company’s roots of innovation.

Calegari believes the employees at Ansaldo STS USA drive the organization. To maintain that drive, he has instilled multiple forms of employee empowerment and recognition at the company.

For example, each customer is assigned a project team, with each member of the team having a distinct role in meeting the customer’s needs. The team, not individuals, is then rewarded for meeting team goals. At the company’s quarterly all-employee meetings, Calegari recognizes individuals by speaking about what they’ve done to go above and beyond their daily duties.

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