Positive positioning

Take advice, but trust your gut. Over my life’s experiences,
I’ve learned to trust my
instincts. I don’t think that
business is separate from life
experiences. It’s just different items that you’re dealing
with, and I used to question
it when I was younger, or I
would feel something and I
would go with someone
else’s opinion, and it turned
out to be their opinion didn’t
suit me.

I’ve learned that my instinct
usually comes out the right

That works for me, and I
know it sounds kind of corny
— I remember President
Bush said that once, and
everyone was making fun of
him. But you can’t rely on
other people’s opinions;
they’re not in your shoes.
How would you know what’s
happening in my store when
you’re not living in my store,

I have this saying, ‘Everybody is big on giving advice,
but wear the shoes; what
size is your shoe?’ I’m not
kidding, if you don’t have my
shoe size, it’s hard for you to

I can learn from what you’re
telling me and extrapolate
information and help formulate my opinions — that I like
to do, I like to listen and hear
what other people have to
say — and I might apply
some of it, but I still have to
trust how I feel.

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