Setting a good example

Get good people who fit into the
Raw intelligence is a
good starting point, and from
there, willingness to work hard
but, even more importantly,
good judgment and people
skills and understanding how
to be helpful.

Sometimes you find people
who are brilliant and willing to
work hard but somehow just
don’t have good judgment,
don’t know how to be helpful
and don’t know how to work
as a team. It’s got to be a combination of all of those things,
not only intelligence and willingness to work hard but common sense and knowing how
to be helpful and ability to
work as part of a team.

How do you figure that out
when you interview people? It’s
difficult. You make a lot of mistakes. You can begin to get a
sense of that if you’re looking at
laterals and see that somebody
has a wonderful academic background but every two years
changes jobs. That’s a big tip-off.

Lead by example. You have to
work hard. If you expect people to work, you have to work
harder than you expect other
people to work. If you’re in a
service business, you’ve got to
provide an example of what
good service means and how
important the clients are, how
critical clients are to any kind
of success and how important
it is to understand how you can
help the client. There are a lot
of different ways people see.
[They] watch the way you
operate, and hopefully, if they
like it, emulate it.

It’s important to work hard
and smart. That is, to understand the clients’ business and
your profession so you can
come up with good solutions
on an efficient basis. You have
to interact with people when
they have needs the way you’d
expect them to interact with
you going the other way when
you have needs.

It’s the only way you can lead. I
don’t think you can tell people to
go out there and do something
without doing it yourself.

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