Endless energy Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

Since 1999, Jeffrey Stroburg has served as CEO of one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, West Central, the predecessor to Renewable Energy Group.

Stroburg’s strength lies with his innate curiosity and ability to frame issues in group brainstorming sessions that foster massive idea trades. He surrounds himself with good people and asks for their input.

His thinking manifested itself in the form of Renewable Energy Group. With a growing biodiesel business, the West Central leader was faced with creating a strategic model for a business without a proven concept in an unproven industry. Based on market data and internal expertise, West Central formed the nation’s largest fully integrated biodiesel company, REG, where Stroburg serves as chairman and CEO.

Key to the REG business model is leveraging internal core competencies while building external partnerships. Under Stroburg’s leadership, the company has designed and constructed five commercial scale multiple feedstock biodiesel plants. It also completed $100 million in private equity financing.

Stroburg’s vision for the company is directionally correct for the macro trends of the agriculture and energy industries. He fosters innovation through the creation of additional green-collar jobs, putting more money back in the pockets of American farmers and adding value for the company’s shareholders through continued utilization of core and partner competencies.

His business model also emphasizes environmental responsibility. Throughout his tenure, the biodiesel industry has improved its energy balance ratio from 1-to-3.5 to 1-to-5. REG’s technology efficiency innovations continue to improve the industry’s overall sustainability model.

How to reach: Renewable Energy Group, (515) 239-8000 or www.regfuel.com