Shared leadership Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

David LeCompte, CEO of Short’s Travel Management Inc., will tell you that the key to executive and organizational success in any service business is to surround yourself with people who are eager to align themselves with your vision, your determination and your standards.

LeCompte sets the standards for talent at Short’s through company goals of profitable growth, efficiency and innovation in everything he and his employees engage in. In the midst of the economic storm of 2009, LeCompte led his company to a 10 percent revenue increase over 2008.

An efficient work force can be the difference between a profit and loss in today’s environment. When things got tough, he turned to his employees for help. He asked his employees to share the burden by taking a pay reduction for a fixed amount of time without a reduction in hours, which ultimately saved jobs. The risk paid off for both the company and the employees. In December, LeCompte paid back employees, with interest, for the missed compensation.

The company recently implemented a pay-for-performance culture that rewards employees through a process that measures them on their goals and behavior. Quarterly companywide communications and annual reviews continue to drive these initiatives. The spirit and culture of the company has allowed Short’s to retain some of the best talent in the travel industry.

As the company moves forward, LeCompte has his sights set on the forefront of innovation through technological development. His plan is to enhance his company’s offerings by consistently providing the high-quality services combined with the proprietary features of Short’s Travel Online.

How to reach: Short’s Travel Management Inc., (913) 677-7777