Michael DiMarco built a culture of achievement and accountability Featured

11:25am EDT July 5, 2011
Michael DiMarco built a culture of achievement and accountability

Michael DiMarco understands that success is a journey, not a destination. Success requires capitalizing on strengths, addressing limitations, improving weaknesses, learning from failure and celebrating progress made along the way.

That’s why commitment to success starts at the top for The Outsource Group, where DiMarco is the CEO. He sets high standards for himself, his leadership team and every member of the company, expecting everyone to be accountable to each other, treat all team members with respect, strive for excellence and, most important, live up to the company’s reputation by following words with actions.

The culture of The Outsource Group is built around a few key tenets. The first is an understanding that the work the company performs enables hospitals to be properly paid for services rendered, thereby allowing hospitals to make continuous investments in the quality of care provided to patients.

Second, the mission is to assist patients with access to health care by ensuring they have viable means to pay for the services rendered. Finally, there is mutual accountability within the organization, irrespective of position or title. It does not matter what position a given person holds within the company. All team members are accountable for their actions and must understand that their actions impact the people the company works with.

DiMarco also promotes innovation as part of his company’s culture. One of the keys to success for The Outsource Group has been to evolve the company’s service offerings to keep pace with the willingness of hospitals to outsource more of their revenue cycle functions. It has been the company’s ability to keep pace with the changes in the industry that has helped it to be successful. Today, the company has a robust platform of core services and a deep bench of revenue cycle management experts who can move quickly and add services as demand grows.

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