Ira Glazer sets a standard of excellence for his entire company Featured

1:10pm EDT July 5, 2011
Ira Glazer sets a standard of excellence for his entire company

Ira Glazer loves the business of doing business. The passion of the president and CEO of WireCo WorldGroup sets the standard for the entire management team when it comes to the commitment needed to achieve success.

His taxing travel and meeting schedule assures his message is directly conveyed in person to employees around the world at all times of the day and night. It’s a message Glazer sets by example about the sacrifice required to achieve success in business.

Glazer’s core belief centers on the power of people to move a company forward. He created numerous incentive plans to focus all personnel on results that enhance every employee’s purchasing power and motivates them to achieve greater results. From a management program based on everything from EBITDA performance against budget to performance awards for exceptional customer service or quality improvements to gain sharing programs that reward shop floor productivity, all employees have benefited from his philosophy.

As WireCo looks to the future, Glazer has outlined several key initiatives that must continue to fuel growth for the company. First, the company has launched a large expansion of its global sales team to ensure local representation in all key markets around the world. The team is now working on every continent and major market. As part of the effort, the company has also expanded its engineering and distribution support to ensure that value-added services are available to customers around the world.

Second, WireCo continues its product development efforts to push the limits on wire and wire rope technology. Examples include hybrid ropes for underground mining and new rope designs that are used by Cirque du Soleil acrobats and will be used by NASA’s Orion Space Program for parachute cables.

Third, the company will continue to look for acquisition opportunities to complement its existing product offerings.

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