Todd Becker puts expertise to work and finds success Featured

1:51pm EDT July 5, 2011
Todd Becker puts expertise to work and finds success

Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., has more than 24 years of experience in the agriculture and renewable energy industries. His knowledge and expertise has led to rapid growth and expansion, making the company the fourth-largest ethanol producer in North America.

The company has nine production plants located in six states producing approximately 740 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol on an annual basis. Through the leadership that Becker displays, the company has become a disciplined risk manager. The risk management strategy is designed to lock in operating margins by forward contracting the four primary commodities involved in ethanol production: corn, natural gas, ethanol and distillers grains. It’s through this process and the company’s desire for continuous operational improvement that makes for the profitable growth the company has been able to achieve.

Becker believes that a strong company is diversified amongst several revenue streams. Green Plains’ business model encompasses agribusiness products and services, ethanol production, marketing and distribution of ethanol and distillers grains, and a new product added in 2010, corn oil. Becker’s objective is to continue to diversify the company’s cash flow and strengthen the overall platform.

Corn oil wasn’t the only new thing at Green Plains in 2010; they also added 167 employees following the acquisition of several Global Ethanol facilities. In fact, during the past four years, Green Plains has successfully integrated eight different acquisitions. All employees share a commitment to operational efficiency and are well trained, highly skilled and dedicated to the growth and success of the company.

Becker also keeps an eye on the latest opportunities in the industry. The company recently launched phase two of its BioProcess Algae Grower Harvester technology. The commercial-scale bioreactors extract CO2 directly from the ethanol production process, improving efficiency and protecting natural resources by reusing the outputs the corn kernel provides.

Becker is always focused on building a best-in-class company that is confident in the quality of its assets, the expertise of its team and the future of the industry.

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