Faruk Capan turns risk into opportunity at Intouch Solutions Featured

1:58pm EDT July 5, 2011
Faruk Capan turns risk into opportunity at Intouch Solutions

In 2009, Intouch Solutions Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary and experienced a breakout year. The pharmaceutical and health care marketing agency added 62 employees, had 14 new accounts and won 12 awards. For Faruk Capan, founder and CEO, that is what he expects every year to be like.

Faruk, who is from Istanbul, started Intouch Solutions in his basement on little more than a vision, a personal investment and a handful of employees 12 years ago. Today, the company employs more than 240 people and the company is on the leading edge of its industry.

Capan is always driving the company and its people to do more, do better and advance their industry by leveraging technology. His radical, forward-thinking approach can cause dissonance within the organization, but without dissonance and constant drive for innovation, Intouch Solutions wouldn’t be positioned as a leader in its field.

Faruk has a knack for reading industry trends and intuitively understands where the industry is headed. He has been able to avoid major business challenges and take advantage of key opportunities. He predicted the rise in use of the iPad in the health care field and drove Intouch to develop iPad capabilities when other agencies were far behind. Faruk takes calculated risks but does it for the better of the business.

Although he is faced with many challenges as a CEO of a growing company, Faruk still dares to care about his employees. He recently helped launch a new internal education and training initiative to give employees information and tools to advance their careers. He has also been involved in the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, inspiring other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

Faruk’s employees, peers and clients look to him as a friend, a counselor, adviser, visionary and valued digital strategist. And, of course, as an entrepreneur.

How to reach: Intouch Solutions Inc., (913) 317-9700 or www.intouchsol.com