The Walli File Featured

8:00pm EDT August 26, 2009

Born: Detroit

Education: University of Missouri, degree in marketing

What was your very first job?

Mowing lawns. I was probably about 15. Me and a buddy of mine would walk around and that’s what we did for a summer. I also was a waiter and I sold shoes. I didn’t come from a lot of money, so the value of hard work was pretty evident early on.

I learned that you can learn a lot about people by seeing how they deal with waiters and service people. I recognize how hard those folks work. It certainly does have an impact on how you conduct business later in life.

Favorite vacation spot: The most fun place I’ve been to is when I went to Australia for two weeks with my son when he was 15.

Keeping busy: Walli participates in numerous business and community organizations in St. Louis. He is on the board of the American Heart Association and is involved with the Regional Business Council, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Walli is often invited to present on health care issues and has made presentations to groups such as the St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition and the St. Louis Area Health Underwriters. Walli was named as one of the Most Influential St. Louisans in 2007 and 2008 by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Company facts: UnitedHealthcare is one of the businesses of UnitedHealth Group. The company contracts with more than 560,000 physicians and care professionals and 4,800 hospitals across America, including 11,000 physicians and 160 hospitals in Missouri and throughout central and southern Illinois.