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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

Robert Weiner believes that in order to be successful in business, you have to go after what you want with a passion, and then maintain focus and take action to achieve your goals.

It’s an approach that has helped Weiner turn PAS Technologies Inc. into a growing force in maintenance repair and overhaul solutions for the aerospace, oil field and industrial markets.

Originally, PAS Technologies was known in the aviation business for its wear-resistant proprietary coatings and cold-section component repair, but over time, as the customers’ needs changed, PAS’ leaders decided to branch out into other forms of repair. As president and CEO, Weiner knew a complete transformation of PAS was required to survive and prosper.

Weiner has directed his passion for what he does into developing an innovative mindset at PAS, forming a company that can change with the ever-evolving needs of the markets it serves. Over the span of two years, the company has transitioned to hot-section component repairs and significantly increased the number of different engines that it can service. PAS has also added accessories and airframe repairs to its cache of offerings, becoming a full-service provider of maintenance solutions to its customers.

Diversification is a key to PAS Technologies’ long-term growth. Weiner has pursued a focused strategy to diversify his company’s business mix. The platform to building on the past successes and future growth hinges on the strategy of four diversified business segments: commercial aviation, military aviation, industrial gas turbine and oilfields. Investing in these markets is right in what Weiner calls the company’s “sweet spot” — providing customers with high-technology capabilities and services in industries operating in high-wear, high-heat and corrosive environments.

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