Scratching an itch Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

In 1989, Pasquale Trozzolo had a stable job with a large insurance and tax services firm, where he made a quick observation. As regional vice president of that company, his region was often the highest performing, and a big reason for that was his belief that recognition improves performance. He had a monthly newsletter for his region where achievements were celebrated and rewarded. As a result, the region’s performance took off, and soon the publication idea spread to the entire company.

But he left that stability to found Trozzolo Communications Group because he had an entrepreneurial itch. With a son entering private high school, he took out a second mortgage on his house and maxed out his credit cards to start the company he had always dreamed of.

TCG quickly found a niche in targeted newsletter publishing after its founding in 1990. Trozzolo wanted a sustainable organization for future generations, so he began to transition the firm toward a full-service communications agency. He looked to embrace the new world of convergence communications before much of the industry recognized the trend.

In 2003, the firm merged with Blades & Associates Public Relations as a step toward providing all services in the marketing mix.

In 2008, TCG began looking for strategic acquisitions to broaden its scope and stability. Trozzolo led the firm in two major merger and acquisition moves that have been critical to its success. Properly positioned for success, despite the downturn, the agency had a 12 percent increase in revenue last year. Today, TCG is a reflection of its founder and leader. His entrepreneurial spirit as the CEO is contagious throughout the organization and inspires his team members to treat his company as if it were their own.

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