Proper nutrition Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

The concept of “health through nutrition” drives Thad Simons Jr. as president and CEO of Novus International Inc. — both for the company’s customers and the business itself.

Novus is focused on improving the nutrition value and accessibility of the world’s food supply through science. But Simons wouldn’t be able to realize his vision if his company wasn’t healthy as a business entity.

Under Simons’ leadership, Novus has created a unique business model that marries excellence with innovation, sustainability and sharing best practices. The company maintains a culture of collaboration both internally and through interaction with a global network of agricultural students, academia and customers to identify solutions that will help move the agricultural industry forward.

Simons’ vision and entrepreneurial spirit are tightly woven into Novus’ core values: maximize long-term customer satisfaction; provide products with demonstrable value; act with integrity; seek excellence from all employees; and protect employees, the public and the environment.

Working within the framework of the core values, Novus employees have collectively brought to market more than 100 new products during Simons’ tenure — a feat of innovation and agility that would not have been possible without a culture that combines entrepreneurial thinking within an organized framework.

Simons has moved the “health through nutrition” concept beyond agriculture and into other markets. Several of Novus’ brands have branched into the business-to-consumer market, increasing the company’s offerings beyond the business-to-business market. The further diversification of markets, combined with a global and local presence, differentiates Novus from any other company in the industry.

Simons will continue to lead Novus to take a role in meeting the global demand for food, leveraging research and development, market diversification, and local entrenchment in agricultural communities.

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