Learning his way Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

When L. Thomas Duvall was working as a CPA after college, he represented a small truck transportation company during an IRS audit, and in 1996, he purchased that company and left public accounting to run the business.

To make matters worse, the day before Duvall took possession of the company, he learned that the remaining employees were starting their own company. He was soon left with nothing but a cabinet, computer files and a few drivers.

In over his head, he contacted a childhood friend who was a manager at a truck stop. His friend agreed to move back to Kansas to help him out, so the two went to work as TruckMovers.com

They called on drivers, met with customers, learned the basics of the business and were quickly operating successfully. Within a few months, a few past employees returned, and the business flourished. In 2000, Duvall and his team were awarded a contract with Freightliner Market Development Corp., but they were only one of 15 vendors selected, so they were determined to differentiate the company.

At this point, most customers didn’t use e-mail, much less the Internet. Freightliner used fax and paper to coordinate its truck deliveries, and he thought if TruckMovers could develop a system to make Freightliner’s job easier, it would differentiate the company. In 2002, TruckMovers officially rolled out, and soon after, Freightliner selected the company for use as its tracking system, and by 2006, TruckMovers was the exclusive contract holder with Freightliner. That system opened many doors for Duvall and led to other exclusive contracts. Since then, Duvall continued to invest heavily in technology and process improvement, and TruckMovers continues to grow to this day.

How to reach: TruckMovers.com, (816) 861-5444 or www.truckmovers.com