The right stuff

Howard Mofshin is a big
believer in company barbecues and lunches, which he uses to create an open
environment and to make his
50 employees at Cash4Gold
feel important.

As president of the precious
metal refinery, Mofshin creates
an atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable coming
talk to him. He also encourages
them to leave feedback — good
or bad — in a suggestion box.

“It creates the environment
of people feeling comfortable
at work, rather than always
looking over their shoulder
that the boss might be watching them,” Mofshin says.

This open environment has
helped the company, whose parent company is Albar Precious
Metal Refining Inc., reach
2006 revenue of $41 million.

Smart Business spoke with
Mofshin about how to assemble the right team and how to
create an open atmosphere
where people feel at home.

Q. How do you find the
right employees to grow
your business?

You want to make sure that
you’re hiring people who you
believe are finding a home at
your company. People who feel
like they’re at a place for good
and are going to make a career
there tend to work harder and
more effectively.

When you have a transient
business, you don’t ever develop
a true trust level or get the
employee’s full potential.

Ask them about past experiences. We look for people who
excelled in sports because they
want to win. Anyone who wants
to win carries that over into their life, especially at work,
where they’ll excel because winning is important to them.

Q. How do you identify this
trait during an interview?

When you look at a resume
and someone’s been changing
jobs every six months or a year,
it’s never a good sign. People
follow patterns, and if their pattern is to stay with a company
for a short period of time and
move on, it’s most likely going
to happen if you hire them.

The second sign is asking
them what they’re looking to
achieve when they come to
work for you, where
they’d like to be, where
they see themselves over
the next few years and
how they’d like to develop within your company.

If you’re getting a feeling
that they don’t have any
true plans for how
they’re going to grow,
they’re not going to be
there for long.

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