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Market Garden’s Sam McNulty

You can't view investing as a zero-sum game

Wendy Jarchow and Matt Kennedy

TruWest Cos.: Innovators wanted

TruWest Cos. helps companies exploit opportunities to scale

Adam Kaufman

Helping others is a deposit in your ‘relationship equity’ bank

Jerry Frantz

JumpStart’s Jerry Frantz

Targeting the startup market

Ed Buchholz

StartInCLE’s Ed Buchholz

Cleveland must do more to support its startup community

Rob Huxtable

FALCON’s Rob Huxtable

PE firms need ‘relentless’ executives to guide their portfolio companies

Todd Federman

North Coast Angel Fund’s Todd Federman

Common mistakes can tank an otherwise successful startup

Anthony Margida

TechGrit’s Anthony Margida

Putting an Ohio spin on the Silicon Valley startup model

Jim Marra

BluePoint Capital’s Jim Marra

Specialization has become the name of the game in private equity investing

Michael Ellis

Buckingham, Doolittle and Burroughs’ Michael A. Ellis

Noncompete agreements can easily become a point of conflict in M&A transactions

Chris Jones and Steve Dyke

Align Capital Partners’ Chris Jones and Steve Dyke

Add-on acquisitions need to be part of a growth strategy, not the strategy itself

Darrell Austin

Austin Capital Partners’ Darrell Austin

M&A market continues to evolve for dealmakers

Chris Smyth

EY’s Chris Smyth

Value creation in the world of dealmaking often takes time to be realized

Beth Haas

Beth Haas

Take steps to minimize your fear of working with an outside firm to make a deal

Rudy Bentlage

JPMorgan Chase’s Rudy Bentlage

Knowledge is a critical piece in the dealmaking process

Jeffrey Kadlic

Evolution Capital Partners’ Jeffrey Kadlic

Is it time to change the rules on who can invest in private equity?

Brent Pietrafese

Calfee’s Brent Pietrafese

‘Pass-the-hat’ deals come with risks and rewards

Tony Mazzella

Mazzella Cos.’ Tony Mazzella

Don’t let deal size dictate your due diligence

John Sinnenberg

Cyprium Partners’ John Sinnenberg

Why curiosity is essential to dealmaking

John Mastrantoni

IMCD’s John Mastrantoni

Get your house in order to prepare for the sale of your business

Dave Pamer

Kichler Lighting’s Dave Pamer

Stay focused during acquisitions with preparation, delegation and communication

Joel Adelman

AdCap Management’s Joel Adelman

Entrepreneur looks to help young businesses raise capital and grow

Margaret Wong

Attorney Margaret W. Wong

Immigration lawyer takes different M&A path

Joe DiRocco

Fifth Third Bank’s Joe DiRocco

Why the things you do today can have a big impact on the deals you do tomorrow

Scott Wolstein

Developer Scott Wolstein

You need to know when a deal wasn’t meant to be

Jim Geuther

SunTrust’s Jim Geuther

Leveraging strategic M&A opportunities to “acquihire” the skilled talent you need to grow your business

Todd Amsdell

Compass Self Storage’s Todd Amsdell

Face-to-face meetings are the best way to make a deal

MaryAnn Bednar

Meritech’s Mary Ann Bednar

Dealmakers need to have market share on their minds

Phil Settimi

PartsSource’s Philip Settimi

After PE sale, focus is on organic growth, not deals

David Levine

Ring Beams President David Levine

Lessons learned on the right way to sell your business

Lee Zapis

Zapis Capital Group’s Lee Zapis

Investment firm chief sees potential storm clouds for investors

Kevin Weidinger

Laudan Properties’ Kevin Weidinger

A serial entrepreneur on making a good deal or walking away

Travis Mlakar

Millcraft’s Travis Mlakar

Keep people in the loop to minimize fear and maximize buy-in

Loan Protector’s Dennis Swit

Management buyout succeeds on third attempt

Kip Clarke

KeyBank’s Kip Clarke

Mastering the art, science and gamesmanship of dealmaking

Ron DeGrandis

RSM’s Ron DeGrandis

Veteran real estate adviser on how to succeed in real estate deals

Chris Haas

All Pro Freight’s Chris Haas

Check your ego at the door to negotiate win-win acquisitions

Andre Thornton

ASW Global’s André Thornton

A disciplined process can boost your odds of making a good deal

Eric Schnur

Lubrizol’s Eric R. Schnur

Recognize opportunity, then go after it with purpose and precision

Ron Ambrogio

BNY Mellon’s Ron Ambrogio

How a lack of focus can quickly derail the sale of your business

Chris Hyland

Chris Hyland: Assume nothing

Hyland CFO on why it’s so critical to ask the tough questions

Tony Mercurio

Tony Mercurio: Bring more leaders

National Interstate CEO on lessons learned on the road to success

Bob Campana

Bob Campana: ‘We have a lot of upside’

Campana Capital’s CEO on local market and his approach to dealmaking

Wayne Wallace

Mutual Capital Partners’ Wayne Wallace

Why your country club buddy is not a good judge of your company’s value

Mike Petras

Sotera Health’s Michael Petras

CEO is a student of leadership — good and bad

Tom Zenty III

UH’s Tom Zenty

Success factors, pitfalls and the importance of culture

Stewart Kohl

Riverside Co.’s Stewart Kohl

Winners, losers and lessons learned in the trenches