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Mike Gibbons: Getting 2 deals from 1

Value exists when you break off real estate into a separate transaction

LaunchHouse’s Todd Goldstein

Dealmaking is a vehicle to creating a more dynamic entrepreneurial community

Proformex’s R. Louis Schneeberger

Helping clients complete deals is always special

Dix & Eaton’s Chas Withers

Don’t underestimate the importance of messaging when negotiating a transaction

MRI Software’s John Ensign

The time you take to get to know partners, potential acquisition targets is always worth it

Thogus’ Matt Hlavin

The strength of your team often determines the outcome of your deal

The Gateway Group’s Thomas V. Chema

Cleveland still has work to do when it comes to tackling big, bold ideas

Stephen J. McHale

Established IT entrepreneur sets out to solve the mystery of the economy

Team NEO’s Bill Koehler

Business owners willing to work the dealmaking process typically come out ahead

Cascade Partners’ Ken Marblestone

When sale prices get high, buyers need more to achieve a desired return

Signet’s Anthony Manna

Starting a business is one of the best ways to help a community

Independence Excavating’s Victor DiGeronimo Jr.

The toughest deals often bring the greatest reward

McCarthy Lebit’s Kenneth B. Liffman

Dealmakers understand that doing your best isn’t always enough to close a deal

Olympic Steel’s Michael D. Siegal

Why being a chameleon is important when buying

Flashstarts’ Charles Stack

A look at the right way and the wrong way to entice a potential investor

Stewart Kohl

How one of Cleveland’s best dealmakers got his start

Howard W. “Hoby” Hanna IV

Dealmaking plays critical role in growth of Howard Hanna

Ancora’s Fred DiSanto

This dealmaker puts great value in a trusted confidant

PWC Group’s Ansir Junaid

How a clear road map speeds up deals

First National Bank’s Boyd Pethel

Raising capital can be a good strategy, even if you’re not pursuing a deal

Imprise Financial’s Kelly Price

Consider all your assets, both personal and business, as you plot the future of your company

Transtar’s Neil Sethi

Proprietary deal flow is a key component to Transtar’s M&A strategy

Family Heritage Life Insurance’s Howard Lewis

Take time to think about your future before you put your company on the market

Ganley Auto Group’s Ken Ganley

Dealmaking provides an opportunity for leadership growth

Western Reserve Partners’ David D. Dunstan

Find the best pathway to maximize the value of your business

Rakuten OverDrive’s Steve Potash

Digital pioneer's disciplined growth strategy pays off

Tucker Ellis’ Jayne Juvan

Encourage your board to be an active player in M&A activity

JumpStart’s Ray Leach

A deeper look at Cleveland’s entrepreneurial economy

Gregory J. Skoda

Dealmaking is all about reading and understanding people

ShurTech Brands’ John Kahl

Hired or acquired, new employees need to get acclimated to their new home

MelCap Partners’ Al Melchiorre

M&A adviser urges sellers to take pride in their work building a business

Transtar’s Monte Ahuja

Details are part of this dealmaker’s strategy for success

LeafFilter’s Matt Kaulig

Dealmaker takes a full-throttle approach to business and life

Minute Men’s Jay Lucarelli

Honesty and integrity are timeless traits of a good dealmaker

Real estate broker Rico A. Pietro

The imagination can be a powerful tool when you’re looking for a real estate deal

CMG’s Bobby George

Owner of TownHall takes a bold, yet humble approach to dealmaking

EdgePoint’s Tom Zucker

An insider's look at all that goes into selling your business

Exodus Capital’s Jerry Kelsheimer

Find your purpose and you'll find the right deal

Skoda Minotti’s Kenneth M. Haffey

Time is your enemy when you're a dealmaker

Chase Properties’ Stuart Kline

The effort you put into negotiating a better deal almost always pays off

InterDesign’s Chris Quinn

A look at the many components that come into play when making a deal

Scott Wolstein

Real estate magnate views dealmaking as a partnership

Resilience Capital’s Bassem Mansour

PE firm co-CEO advises clients to leave a little growth for the next owner

Park Place Technologies’ Chris Adams

What you need to know before creating your own dedicated M&A team

OfficeMax’s Michael Feuer

Serial entrepreneur explains how ego often hampers dealmaking

BDO’s Bob Littman

Managing partner talks about finding the right partner

Proforma’s Greg Muzzillo

On how to gain leverage over the seller in a negotiation

Brown Gibbons Lang’s Michael Gibbons

Founder talks about what CEOs need to know right now about selling their businesses

Alliance Solutions Group’s Aaron Grossman

On finding the right deals and not neglecting your core business

MAI Capital Management’s Rick Buoncore

What he learned buying MAI and why he took on an investor

Transtar’s Monte Ahuja

The CEO talks about why he returned to Transtar