Be prepared

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation isn’t just about administering injury claims. There are several programs available that focus on prevention and cost savings that can help improve your safety record and your bottom line.

A portion of your premium pays for these programs, and there is no additional charge for them.

Consider these safety services:

Consultants. BWC consultants bring their expertise onsite to help solve your individual safety concerns. Choose from safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, engineering and business consultants for the help you need.

Premium Discount Program. PDP offers premium discount incentives of 5 to 10 percent to penalty-rated employers who institute the 10-step business plan and workplace safety programs. The program leads to savings for employers that come as a result of fewer and less severe injuries.

Safety Loan Program. This program offers loans of up to $50,000 at below-market interest rates for employers who would like to purchase safety equipment, but can’t afford it.

Drug-free Workplace Program. BWC has created a flexible, multi-tiered premium discount program of 6 to 20 percent for employers who volunteer to make their workplaces substance free. The program is designed to improve safety and health, protect employee rights and ultimately reduce workers’ compensation costs.

Training center. The training center offers Ohio employers and employees comprehensive, one- to five-day training seminars and workshops to develop and enhance workplace safety and health programs.

Carpal Tunnel Task Force. Through voice-activated software and a customized program, this initiative tackles the fifth-ranked workplace injury in the nation, which annually causes 92,000 workers to lose time from work.

For more information on these free programs, call (800) 644-6292 and press 22.