Changing media

Scott McCafferty, Co-founder and Managing Director, WTWH Media LLC

Long gone are the days when consumers had to wait around for a newspaper or magazine to arrive in order to get caught up on news and information. The media world has been transformed, and Scott McCafferty and Mike Emich are on the forefront of that rapidly changing industry.

McCafferty and Emich are co-founders of WTWH Media LLC, a business-to-business media company involved in magazines, websites and apps for numerous industries. The business has been growing as fast as the industry has been changing, and it is the ability to keep up with trends and evolving technologies that have led to success.

“Our premise is media used to be a one-way street,” McCafferty, managing director, says. “Media was pumped out at consumers, and consumers would read the paper or read a magazine or go to a tradeshow. Well, now it’s reverted to the users being in control of how they get their information. It’s up to a media company to surround that user with sites and resources that enable them to get their information on their terms.”

To make that possible, McCafferty has had to understand the latest technology being used in the industry and how that can help the business and its customers.

“The things that get us really excited is that media continues to change,” McCafferty says. “The tools and the technology out there continue to evolve. That’s exciting because you may think you have it figured out today, but it’s going to change tomorrow. We’re very engaged in using technology from the standpoint of using Twitter, using LinkedIn, using Facebook, we’ve got programmers that are versed in Explorer, PHP, WordPress, Drupal and whatever the latest CMS platform is. Everyone actively uses the technology and by using it, that allows us to look for opportunities with it.”

By using technology the company has been able to deliver ROI back to the marketers. But it isn’t enough to just know technology. The company ensures it stays close to customers, as well.

“We’re out in front of our customers that are actually advertising, asking them what’s working for them and what’s not working for them,” McCafferty says. “Our ability to do that close to our customers allows us to say, ‘OK, what do we need to build to support what they’re doing?’ That level of engagement has enabled us to do things really quickly.”

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