Digital transformation can help your company leap over the competition

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses operate.

“It’s taking a traditional business model and transforming it through technology,” say s Bruno Kurtic, Founding VP of Strategy & Solutions at Sumo Logic, a partner of MILHEM DTL, led by Ray Milhem in Pittsburgh. “It’s permeating traditional products, like doorbells, that used to be mechanical but that now contain technology that allows you to connect with it.”

In other instances, digital transformation permeates a business model, impacting how companies manage customer relationships and supply chains, and how they reach customers.“In every business, and every industry, there is an aspect of technology,” says Kurtic. “Even if your company is in a traditional industry, it is likely that digital transformation is already ongoing.”

Smart Business spoke with Kurtic about the benefits of digital transformation and how it can help you leap over the competition.

Where can a company start with digital transformation?

Look at others in your industry to see what is shaping them. Who are your competitors, and how are they impacting your business? Who are the destructors, and what technology advances are hurting you most if you are not there yet? Understand what is moving your industry, what you need to defend against and how you can take your traditional model and improve your company’s advantage.

Companies that are behind are not only catching up, but leaping ahead, building their own infrastructure and going right into a technology business model. They are jumping over competitors and going directly into the cloud.

Companies that can codify their digital transformation strategies into repeatable, scalable, reliable and secure processes anchored by real-time data will emerge with a competitive advantage by driving new and engaging product and service offerings.

How critical is an outside partner to digital transformation?

It is vital. Too many companies try to be the best at everything. You need to shed nonessential activities and focus on your business to be the best of the best.

A digital transformation expert will learn your business models, your problems and challenges and strategy. They will understand how to help your company be better and serve customers better. By understanding the pain points and the desired state, they can help lead your company through digital transformation. Companies at the very beginning of digital transformation are often surprised at the level of sophistication available. There is not one solution to solve every problem, but applying the right solutions to the right problem allows a business to reach its goals.

Digital transformation is a never-ending process. Once you start transforming, you need to keep improving, keep building new things, and understand it is going to be embedded in everything you do for the life of the company.

How important is getting buy-in throughout the organization?

The executive staff needs to set the tone and weave in change, bringing forward the philosophy and cultural changes that will be required. It’s critical to get the buy-in of middle managers. Use internal words and phrases to evolve into a digital company, bringing along the entire organization, not just the engineers and IT personnel.

Companies that go through digital transformation find they have new energy. Digital transformation can help a business change customers’ lives, and once that happens, people start believing, they are happier and more productive. As you embark on the process, there is a steep learning curve. It’s an agile process that takes you through serious change management and introduces complexities. It’s a challenge, but once it happens, there is a snowball effect for positive change.

Embracing digital technology is a must. Embrace this new operating model, use technology to collect data at a whole new level of scale and take the plunge. There are going to be failures along the way, but failure is a critical component of learning and success. Embrace the new, go fast and succeed.

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