Don Taylor’s team is built to last at Welty Building Co.


Know thyself

At Welty Building Co., everyone is subject to the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument assessment, even President and CEO Don Taylor.

“In my case, I’m purple dominant. I’m creative, I’m analytical, and I’m green, which is the planning,” he says. “It just doesn’t occur to me to think about people’s feelings. Not that I’m not a caring person, I just think that when I’ve got a great idea, everybody will just see the great idea and off we go. Sometimes I don’t use the right words in selling it or presenting it or getting people to feel included in it.”

When he’s under pressure, Taylor says he becomes more creative and less analytical.

“I know when I’m under pressure I’ve got to find somebody to help me analyze things, because my analytical skills become reduced,” he says. “Under pressure, I’m the guy you want to talk to because I’m going to be very creative in coming up with alternatives and ways to solve the problem.”

Taylor has learned from his HBDI results and now uses an individual’s assessment to inform and customize his management approach with each employee. He goes so far as to adjust his vocabulary to get them to connect to his message.