Find a way to make time, even in the face of adversity

In this month’s column, we profile how the next generation trusted adviser is impacting respective stakeholders in a more profound and meaningful manner. This is the third stage of the Relationship Capital Continuum and I’ll be sharing the distinctive qualities and behaviors that this adviser should represent.

By way of background, trust is the predictability of what we say and do over an extended period of time. It often takes years to develop and moments to destroy.

Serving in the capacity as the trusted adviser, you have an unwavering sense of responsibility to honor all commitments.

This is what transforms a promise into reality and allows your actions to speak louder than words. It is about making the time when often, little is available and delivering even in the face of adversity.

Driven to excel
The stakeholders you serve appreciate and recognize the practicality of your insights, respect the quality of the advice provided and understand that you are driven by what is best for the overall organization. You are seen as an important contributor to the success of the enterprise, willing to challenge the status quo and have a knack for being relatable to a wide variety of stakeholders.

A trusted adviser is also viewed as a promoter of the client’s business, someone who is willing to make his or her professional and personal network available. You have a reputation for impacting the stakeholders you serve in ways well beyond your area of specialization.

To add further perspective, I wanted to share a brief example about how “the trusted adviser 2.0” serves others.

Several months ago, a particular magazine was recognizing multi-generational family businesses which had excelled in perpetuating growth over a sustained period of time. This individual nominated two of his clients for consideration and both were selected to be honored in front of several hundred people.

At the awards ceremony, both of the patriarchs of these family businesses actually mentioned how this adviser contributed to the success of the business and personally recognized him by name.

I happened to attend the awards ceremony and was able to witness first-hand the genuine appreciation that was extended to this person. It was not only gratifying to see, but it also affirmed my belief that the adviser community can have a profound impact in serving others.

Expand your horizons
As you reflect upon these insights, it is important to realize that we can serve others in non-traditional manners that extend well beyond our own area of specialization. The key is to possess a willingness to expand your sphere of influence and understand how to marshal resources to drive the outcomes you seek.

I close with a great quote that captures the essence of how the next generation trusted adviser needs to view the world: “The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

Marc Rosen is co-founder at The Client Experience Institute and president of the Vector Group LLC