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It’s a tricky field, the business of running into burning buildings as everyone else is running out, but it’s what makes a hero. Of course, the firefighters with the daring to do so
need help, too.

So when they want the highest-quality gear to protect themselves they turn to Fire-Dex LLC,
a manufacturer of structural and proximity firefighting turnout gear and emergency response
apparel, including EMS and extrication apparel and search and rescue gear.

That’s because Fire-Dex President Bill Burke is always focused on how to improve quality
at his company. At a time when many companies are looking to be more cost-effective, Fire-Dex has increased the internal responsibility on quality while keeping a close eye on production to make the system more efficient.

In order to ensure the highest quality, Fire-Dex has implemented processes like its lock-stitching garment construction, which ensures each stitch of a garment is fixed into place
when it’s sewn. While competitors meet the minimum safety requirement standards with a
one-chain stitching process, their products often break down because once one portion of the
garment unravels, the whole thing begins to come apart.

That’s just one example of Fire-Dex’s effort to create the highest quality, but it is really
the heart of what Burke has done with the company since acquiring it with a partner in

By developing an on-site fabric testing laboratory where products can be tested to make sure
they meet and exceed every regulation, Fire-Dex has created a way to constantly reinforce that
quality is what will equal better business. Moreover, the on-site lab has become an innovation
studio for the company, giving employees a chance to test out new ideas quickly to be on the
forefront of the industry’s next product. Fire-Dex has become one of the premier names in the
industry because the whole system has been created to make sure that those helping others
have the support they need.

HOW TO REACH: Fire-Dex LLC, or (330) 723-0000