How Dale Wollschleger is changing the way people view pharmacies at ExactCare Pharmacy

Dale Wollschleger, president, ExactCare Pharmacy

Dale Wollschleger, president, ExactCare Pharmacy

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Dale Wollschleger


ExactCare Pharmacy


Dale Wollschleger’s experience in the pharmacy industry is vast. He held positions at Medic Pharmacy and at Lutheran Family Pharmacy before he requested an early buyout from the latter pharmacy in 2004.

In 2006, he started a durable medical equipment business, called Family Home Care, which he operated out of the back of the Lutheran Family Pharmacy. During his time at Lutheran, he worked with a large population of psychiatric patients taking several medications each with very different sets of instructions such as dose size and frequency.

These experiences helped Wollschleger identify a widespread need in the pharmacy market for compliance packaging to enable patients to manage their prescriptions and adhere to instructions associated with their medications. He was particularly drawn to this idea because of the business opportunity and the positive affect it could have on patients his pharmacy served.

With this idea, he founded ExactCare Pharmacy in 2009. Wollschleger’s main focus was to develop “an easy-to-use multi-medication packaging solution for administering medications” named the ExactPack.

The ExactPack started out as a manual process dividing patient’s medications into separate packages to be taken throughout different times of the day. This process became automated with a machine that produces the ExactPacks. Within the ExactPack, there is a separate packet of medications to coincide with each different time during the day in which a patient is required to take their medications.

Like most pharmacies, the packaging and shipping of the prescriptions is free; ExactCare generates profits through the sale of the prescriptions. This new business rapidly expanded and by 2010 Wollschleger moved ExactCare out of Lutheran to a new space to better accommodate his growing operations.

ExactCare’s workforce grew from three employees to 70 and serves patients throughout Ohio. In 2011, Wollschleger purchased an additional pharmacy in New Jersey in which he implemented this same business strategy.

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