How David Levine and Wireless Environment provide a better lighting solution

David Levine, president, Wireless Environment, LLC

David Levine, president, Wireless Environment, LLC

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David Levine


Wireless Environment, LLC


Wireless Environment, LLC, founded in 2006 by David Levine and Michael Recker, is a JumpStart company that invents technology and manufactures products to enable LED lights to perform effectively when off the electrical grid.

Wireless Environment provides design services for lighting manufacturers looking to gain a competitive advantage through proprietary power management features and off-grid operation. The company’s technology allows LED luminaires and lamps to determine the optimal times to draw power from the electrical lines and when to go off-grid for reasons such as unreliable power or outages, spikes in energy cost, and heavy demand on the grid.

Wireless has also developed and launched a line of battery-powered LED light fixtures that improve safety and security and operate during a power failure. These products — under the Mr. Beams brand — use a patent-pending power management system and have radio frequency capabilities to network throughout the home.

Currently, Wireless has three product lines — Mr. Beams, a line of indoor/outdoor portable LED light fixtures; ReadyBright, a wireless power outage lighting system; and SwitchSense, a module that turns LED luminaires and lamps into power failure lights.

When Levine, who is president, was deciding how to sell his company’s products, he knew entering the retail market was risky. So Levine chose to sell through instead of a traditional store-based model. By selling through and other Internet-based selling formats, Levine mitigated his risk. Wireless has the ability to sell its products at a higher margin than if it were to sell to a large retailer.

Another area where Levine took on significant risk was with the company’s patents. Having patents on technology, brands and products are very important to the success of the business. Levine has spent several years trying to patent ideas on wireless lightning, and it has been a challenge to accomplish. Wireless Environment currently has five patents with more than 17 patents applied for and pending.

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