How Jeff Concepcion serves clients better through Stratos Wealth Partners

Jeff Concepcion, founder and CEO, Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd.

Jeff Concepcion, founder and CEO, Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd.

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Jeff Concepcion

founder and CEO

Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd.


Jeff Concepcion spent 22 years with a large wealth management company advancing into senior leadership roles and always looking for a more efficient and effective way to service his clients and grow his team.

He had honed a unique delivery model that he prepared to roll out at his former firm when a management shakeup led to his unemployment. Declining a severance package because it was tied to a non-compete clause, Concepcion had a vision for a better company, took his white paper idea and founded Stratos Wealth Partners in 2008.

Through his strong commitment to ethics, integrity and execution, the founder and CEO of Stratos has built the company into one of the 15 largest wealth management firms in the U.S.

Concepcion has grown the firm with offices in 17 states and 127 affiliated wealth advisors. His strong commitment to fiscal stewardship and a relentless focus on customer service and execution has resulted in profits that have tripled and revenues that have doubled.

The early years of the firm were challenging as the company lost money in its first year. Concepcion did not take pay in the first three years to assure he could reinvest in the business while also paying out equity to his early partners.

Stratos is built on an innovative delivery model where affiliates earn equity versus commissions with more proven growth over time than they could grow on independently.

Stratos has also brought cutting edge technology to wealth management with the use of iPad order entry applications in a Citrix environment that many larger firms have been unable to execute on.

Stratos has tripled its IT support and has been able to remove the administrative and regulatory burden common in the industry so affiliates can focus on client service.

Concepcion has built an explosive, profitable company that will continue to expand while delivering personal satisfaction and financial security to his partners and affiliates.

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