How Kimberly Martin and Sarah Forrer are baking up success at Main Street Cupcakes

Kimberly Martin, co-owner, Main Street Cupcakes

Kimberly Martin, co-owner, Main Street Cupcakes

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Kimberly Martin and Sarah Forrer


Main Street Cupcakes


After more than 25 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, Kimberly Martin needed something more in her life. In 2006, Martin and her husband Sean Nock founded Main Street Cupcakes, a small idea with endless possibilities and flavors.

Sarah Forrer, co-owner, Main Street Cupcakes

Sarah Forrer, co-owner, Main Street Cupcakes

Martin and her husband were able to transform their small storefront cupcake boutique into a lavish destination customers could escape to. The company opened its doors in February 2007, and from that day, it has hit the ground running and has not stopped since. With Nock heading the baking, Martin handled the finances and her sister, Sarah Forrer, was responsible for marketing and public relations.

After a few successful years, Forrer transitioned to co-owner along with Martin. In just five years, the two sisters have been able to grow the cupcake boutique. Main Street Cupcakes was founded during a recession, and from day one people have been challenging the concept of a bakery based solely on cupcakes.

Now the key obstacle Martin and Forrer face is trying to stay ahead of other bakeries and other businesses that have chosen the same path they have paved. They use the motivation of new copycat businesses to help keep their edge in the industry. They are more determined than ever to keep growing and keep ahead of the competition with fresh ideas and flavors, and their further expansion into wholesale.

Main Street Cupcakes currently operates three different stores: Hudson, Medina and Rocky River, with a fourth store expected to open this summer. Although its stores are located in Northeast Ohio, Martin and Forrer have made Main Street Cupcake’s presence felt nationwide. They plan to keep expanding in the future and have plans to open new stores in markets outside of Ohio.

Main Street Cupcakes currently has more than 300 flavors published and has more flavors than any other bakery in the nation.

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