How Ralph Della Ratta Jr. left retirement to found Western Reserve Partners

Ralph Della Ratta Jr., managing director, Western Reserve Partners, LLC

Ralph Della Ratta Jr., managing director, Western Reserve Partners, LLC

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Ralph Della Ratta Jr.

managing director

Western Reserve Partners, LLC


When Ralph Della Ratta Jr. gets asked, “What were you thinking starting a new entrepreneurial chapter in your life at age 55?” he responds that he missed three things: being engaged in the game, doing great things for great people, and providing strategic direction.

After retiring from a remarkably successful career in the investment banking industry, Della Ratta had a revitalized vision of a project that would delve into the Cleveland mergers and acquisitions market. He approached three former colleagues with a proposition that held an unsure outcome without the smallest guarantee.

However, between Della Ratta’s deal-savvy reputation, proven track record and constant ambition, these three individuals made large personal investments to help get Western Reserve Partners, LLC, up and running based solely on their faith and trust in Della Ratta.

Western Reserve Partners was formed to bring middle-market clients high levels of quality and service usually reserved for much larger companies. The company provides M&A, capital raising and other financial advisory services to middle-market companies across a focused set of industry verticals, including industrial, business services, consumer, health care, technology and real estate.

Each engagement is tailored to the client’s specific objectives and relevant market dynamics. Thoughtful advice, keen market insight and well-crafted transaction processes have resulted in more than 80 percent of the company’s sell-side engagements closing at valuation ranges that meet or exceed expectations.

Western Reserve’s senior professionals share an extensive background in large-cap advisory work and have advised on dozens of transactions of $1 billion or more. The company brings the benefits of this experience to its middle-market clientele, and its assignments are all actively managed by senior professionals from kick-off to closing. Western Reserve’s managing directors average nearly 30 years of experience and have collectively executed more than 600 transactions during their careers.

Della Ratta has been determined to position Western Reserve Partners as a reputable, respectful and innovative institution.

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